Suffer on Saturday!!

Join GSX every Saturday morning at 9AM for a free CrossFit Trial Class.

10AM As Rx'd Class WOD will be:
Five Rounds of:
12 Deadlift
9 Hang Power Clean
6 Push Jerk


chirodoctx said...

Rumor has it the rep scheme may have something to do with Kristen's birthday. She is a former gymnast. Backflips for time?

Candice said...

Haha, yeah right Steve.

D.T.-hell yes! Thanks for the request approval, Chuck! This WOD is going to suck.

raif said...

Did Lynne yesterrday and had forearm cramps because of it so I don't see holding on to the bar that long again today. Got 33(pr),26,26,25,22 on pullups and 13,11,8,7,7 on bench with 215 for a grand total of 178.

Happy birthday Kristen!

chirodoctx said...

D.T. was a beat down. Candice, of course crushed it. I was happy to finish. Happy B-day again, Kristen.