March 22

 5 rep max Deadlift
Clean to Thruster (95#/65#)
Pull up


Chuck9902 said...

275# DL...too easy but I screwed this up from the get go.

9:50 on the WOD...good one and nice work by the 6 am crew!

chirodoctx said...

0830 class was kinda' quiet with Meredith out due to her chassis overhaul. Felt decent on DL warm-ups. Rep speed was glacier-like on my work set so I aborted after 2 reps. Met-con was puzzling. I didn't let go of the bar during clean/thrusters, but my time was a disappointingly slow 12:41.


castillo74 said...

took it easy on the deadlift due to a tweaked lower back.

10:43 on the metcon...tough one to come back to after a week off.

good solid 11:30 class!!

Candice said...

5RM DL PR* 275lbs

Did a Metcon loaded with my weaknesses that absolutely crushed my a$$:
5 Rounds of:
7 Power Snatch (85lbs)
9 OHS (85lbs)

17:27 and unpleasantly surprised.

Then did a strength WOD with Ken in the PM.

5 Sets of:
3 Back Squats (80% 1RM)
3 Box Jumps at 30"
Not Timed and a good break.

raif said...

DL @ 405, then did bench work to get Lynne soreness out. 5x205,215,225,235. Then did a home made metcon working on burpee speed and short burst explosiveness. 10 burpees then 10 wallballs then rest until clock hits 2 minutes, then repeat and start again at 4,then 6 and so on until 10 rounds completed. It felt the perfect amount of rest each time so that I could go full speed on each round.

I would have done the thruster wod but I have this weird thumb muscle pain that is excruciating when pressing over head or holding in the rack position but doesn't hurt doing bench, wall balls or burpees

raif said...

I actually wrote a long blog comment about how impressed I was with each and every one of the GSX competitors at sectionals but it was lost when the wifi crapped out at our Branson Koa site. But having some more time to reflect I have a few more things to add.

First of all Ali was great! She was very thoughtful and organized in having everything I needed exactly when I needed it. She was also very excited to watch Candice, Ken, Chris, Ryan, Buzz, Steven and of course me. She really loved watching and being a part of last years regionals and I know it kills her that she can't compete because of the back but she really does a great job of channelling that into cheering on others.

Candice was of course the beast we have all come to know her to be but she really had another gear that we don't see at the box and a competitive fire that was truly awe inspiring.

Ken was the same way in his wods. That s o b would do each wod until he was laying there in a heap at the end. He actually looked a little scary possessed doing the last pull of the sled!

Buzz, Ryan and Chris gave it there absolute all but were unfortunate that this set of wods probably favored big guys more than most competitions. I guess I expect a lot of Chris because he's done more competitions but I was especially proud that Ryan and Buzz threw there hats in the ring. It takes some real courage to sign up for this kind of grueling event where not only do you get physically beat down but you're nervous as hell until the whole thing is over.

It was fun to have the RV there so fellow GSX'rs could get a break from the cold wind (and store beer). And it was fun when people would ask where I was from and I would say Fort Worth and they would say "Oh, GSX?"

It was also really cool that they were posting the results online so quickly and people like Castillo went from texting me to find out how it was going to texting me to tell me how it was going.

As for me, I was fortunate in the same way Chris, Ryan and Buzz were unfortunate. Last year at regionals the top five guys probably averaged 155 lbs. At this sectional the top five were probably averaging 210.

Thanks to all those who have congratulated me. I really appreciate it.

I am looking forward to regionals for many reasons but mainly having all the local like-minded crossfitters together at our box competing in and watching some seriously stiff competition. The spectator fee completely blows though because it would be a great time to get friends, neighbors, co-workers in and hooked on crossfit like us. Maybe we could work a minimal work volunteer loophole in but I digress.

Thanks for reading my long ass comment.

Candice said...

I think I speak for everyone when I say...thank you for such kind words, Raif.

On another note...I do want you to make sure that you don't assume negative things going into regionals because you have a very good chance of qualifing for the games. You know it too so no more of those "I don't expect to be a top dog" comments. You are a freak of nature and you best use what you have been blessed with to the best of your abilities! Let me know if you need a partner to train with every now and then. This single person programming crap sucks.