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k_cutrer said...

6:06 on the wod 2 from south texas sectional. think i could push it a little under 6 in a competition.

turns out we did wod 1 wrong. chuck's cat like instincts were correct. it was unbroken deadlifts. rest at the top and touch and go at the botom. drop the weight and you're done. gonna have to be a do over.

btw - i have no idea what cats have to do with deadlifts.

Candice said...

So Ken, Raif, and I took on both WOD 1 and WOD 2 of the South Texas Sectionals. Unfortunately, we did the first one incorrectly. Deadlifts were to be done consecutively with only a rest at the top when needed. So after doing it wrong and doing the second WOD, Raif and I did a max effort deadlift for the rx'd weight (275/185). I got 30 and could have did more if it mattered, Raif crushed it as well. I am pretty confident I would have taken number one on that.

WOD 2 was fun and the guys put up great times on it as well. The top time for the girls was 4:46 and I did it in 4:26. (Now I am really tempted to try the chipper to see if I would got number one overall there too).

What is even better is that Kristen came in to the 10am class today and got 4:35! THE HIGH KICKIN' BEAST! Many of us still wish she would have competed this year, but hopefully she will next. Great job, to the guys and to Kristen!

chirodoctx said...

Nice job, guys.

Kristen said...

Thanks for the shout out....and call out, Candice! I promise I'll try it out next year! Awesome job to everyone that worked out Saturday morning!