March 25

3 Rounds of:
500m Row
30 Push ups
50 Double unders
3 Sets of:
Max L-Sit Holds


raif said...

Ok Steve I'll give it a shot. You have the strength and rope climbing ability of a chimpanzee combined with the precision and fastidiousness of a bird of prey. So I don't know maybe a flying monkey? But not like one of the flying minions from Oz with the bell hop costumes, I'm picturing you as a more refined kind of flying monkey like with a smokers jacket, a pipe and a monocle. Maybe a Wall Street Journal under one arm.

That or a Liger-it's pretty much my favorite animal.

k_cutrer said...

fastidious indeed.

chirodoctx said...

I did used to love Lance Link Secret Chimp as a kid. Younger folks (most everyone) are going to have to look that one up.

ava said...

Boy, Steve, you must be old! ;)

verification word: urkle

chirodoctx said...

Today's WOD had Scott written all over it and he didn't disappoint. This despite his claim of losing count during DU's. I had a nice battle with Charlie even though he was on his way to doing 5 rounds. Thanks for sharing the misery guys.