March 12

5-5-5-5-5 Deadlift
3x15 GHD Sit ups

GSX will be representing!!

Will be posting the Spring Break Schedule tomorrow.


Chuck9902 said...

Good luck to all those competing! We now you will make us proud!

Chuck9902 said...

Boardshort Friday...235, 235, 255, 265, 275.

chirodoctx said...

Hit my goal for today : 405x5. Ken, Chris, Raif, Ryan, Steven, and Candice represent your excellence!


Word Verification : berpo

Emily said...

Good luck everyone!! Kick a#$!!

david.griffin said...

I've been following the scores closely at Every athelete representing GSX has done truely epic work. Can't say enough about the dedication, hardwork and sacrifice it must take to compete in such a grueling event. Great job, I wish I had what it took to compete alongside you.

Ali said...

David, just got a chance to read your comment; loved it. Congratulations on your wedding this Saturday. Your wedding day goes by too fast so be sure to stop and savor the moment with your wife!!