March 8

3-3-3 Press


Hang Power Clean


chirodoctx said...

Nice one today. 1 rep short on goal for 3 rep press. Met-con wasn't as bad as anticipated. Thrusters are getting better. Thank God it wasn't 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 ;) I was the only one to do the Sat. 10:00 beatdown : 5 rounds of 250 row/7 rep 135# thrusters. Completed in 11:23. Anticipation is building for our studs (and studette) at Sectionals. Go team!


Candice said...

Did the WOD 1 for sectionals which is:
3 Rounds for time of:
500m row
10 squat cleans-overhead (135/83)
10 pull ups (no butterflies)

Did it with 85lbs with Meredith and Griff cheering me on. Def sucked, but glad I took Chris's word for it and felt it prior to this weekend.

Emily said...

did todays rx'd 8:47 hoped to do a little better but man those thrusters get me. need to work on those.

Kristen said...

11:30 did AMAZING today! So proud of Meredith for going RX'd and finishing and also Kristin for being a newbie and still putting up impressive times. The boys also rocked today. Scott is always one to keep up with!

raif said...

Ok Candice, I also did the wod 1 sectional workout today and really gamed it by setting the damper way down and rowing at a significantly slower pace. Finished in 11:44 which was exactly 2 minutes faster than my saturday prefatigued harder rowing effort.

What was your time and strategy?

Parker said...

Went Rx'd 13:20. Damn thrusters are slowin my game up. FYI - update beyond white board. Todays workout is missin.

Candice said...


I tried to keep at a 2:05ish pace on the rower with the damper set at 3(which for you is very slow, but for me, it's pushing it). I pretty much thrustered out of the bottom of the squat cleans and tried to hang onto the bar as much as I could. By rounds 2 and 3, I dropped the bar everytime I think. All pull ups were knocked out unbroken. 11:55 with 85lbs (+2 than what I will be doing on Sat)

I think I am going to set the damper on 1, keep at 2:10 pace and try to string more cleans together without dropping the bar. Or if I do drop the bar I think I am going to NOT take steps back away from the bar, which I did a lot today. If anyone has a better strategy, let me know! I have never really payed any attention to how the damper affects overall time rowing the same distance at a higher damper.

Chuck9902 said...

8:51 as RX'd...but it hurt....a lot