March 9

3-3-3 Back Squat


15 min AMRAP of:
10 Burpees
10 Pull ups


Chuck9902 said...

Nice turn out of early birds this morning and good to have Travis there to impress with his work.

245 on the BS. 8 rounds and 6 burpees on the WOD.

chirodoctx said...

Trying to adjust to the heavy lift and then a met-con in a workout. Kinda' difficult because of my extensive build up to my work weight in the heavy lift. I will adapt. Kudos to Meredith who is now hitting many workouts as rx'd. Always a good group at 0830.


Chris Moody aka GUMP! said...

Successfully tore open two fingers, and re-tore my palms... but all worth it for 9 rounds.

Great job 1630 class

david.griffin said...

Finally hit the 205# OHS. Got scared on my first attempt and didn't even lock the weight out overhead. Trevor wouldn't let me quit and completed the lift successfully on the 2nd attempt. Thanks Trev.

Parker said...

Pr'd the Squats at 235 for 3 rounds. 9 rounds on the Pull Burbs. Going to take a break tomorrow as the signs are strong that I will be a wee bit sore.

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