Our People. Our best.

Mellisa or Mo as she is refereed to at GSX is one of those special folks that makes our box such a pleasure. She is the real Mckoy and she cares about doing the workout right... She will stick to it until its all done and then put her time on the mental board... She will not cheat a movement - and that is what I adore about her.

The workouts do not define her, her workout time does not define her, she defines herself and her actions speak volumes! Did you know she races dragsters, and that she loves all forms of outdoor traiing, or that she rock climbs, and that she loves her dogs.

Get to know the guy or gal next to ya in the box - you all will be better for it.

Love your style Mo,



M.A. Deavers said...

Proud to call her a friend.


Anonymous said...

Mo.....this is impressive. I think I might be intimdated now!!! Or, I may have a new hero!
Great photos.

Mo said...

Thanks guys! Good lawd - be careful about giving any information to Tucker. Eek!!!

I'm really just a dork. And for the record I don't climb rocks. But I would if there was some food up there at the top. Ha!

tuck said...

LMAO - love it.