Tuesday Nov 25


For time:

Row 1000m
45lb Thrusters x 50 reps
30 Pull-Ups


M.A. Deavers said...

8:59, and 2 minutes better than I've done it before. Gotta work on rowing efficiency.

After, to failure:
1 x weighted pull-ups @ 72lbs
1 x muscle-up

5 rounds.

jason buzzard said...

I have never done this one but can't wait!!! I keep coming back and looking at it trying to figure about how long it will take. It is tough to work when you know a great work out is waiting to destroy you...

CrossFit GSX said...

Work the transitions. Stage your bar between your rower, and the pull-up bar. Minimize the time between events, and don't make yourself go back and forth from one side of the box to the other. Details. Have a plan. Know where you're going next. Pace yourself on each event. 45lbs will catch up to you at some point, if you're putting out.


jason buzzard said...

WOD as rx'd


Thrusters got pretty tough. Was hoping for 2 sets of 25 but ended up with 5 sets of 10.