The Nine Circles of Hell

Good Times
1 minute of work at each station, no rest between exercises

The Nine Circles:
Box Jumps
Kettlebell Swings
Knees to Elbows
Rope Skips
Wall Ball Shots




jason buzzard said...

What better way to wake up, coffee, good people, and getting your arse handed to you with some crossfit. You 0600 people are animals!!! It was tough to keep up and my limit was definately pushed. Awesome work out!!! See everyone tonight.

CrossFit GSX said...

Yee-haw. GSX Holiday Shin-Dig, tonight at 6:30pm. Pot Luck, White Elephant, BYOB. Wine, song, food, fire. And awards.

Mo said...

I uhh guess you could tell I was happy that you came to play with us this morning Jason.

-Mega Dork Mo

CrossFit GSX said...

Someone should bring some solid food tonight, with all this alcohol...

scott said...

Great wod to start the weekend. Thrusters were tough @95. Everyone have safe and fun tonight!

jason buzzard said...

Thanks Mo, it was really great to be there. I am running into a hunger problem now though. I forgot that I usually eat from the time I get home until after dinner after a normal day. I ate all of my breakfast and snacks for the morning in one sitting and am now ravenous!!! Does everyone else just take a lot of food to work with them?

Mo said...

I look like a bag lady all the time toting my food to work. Right now I have apples in a drawer, Kashi Go Lean cereal in my filing cabinet, giant tub of almonds in my desk, steamfresh frozen veggies in the breakroom...I try not to take over the fridge tho - the fridge nazi's go psycho here.

Forgot to eat? Can't comprehend.

M.A. Deavers said...

Same here, Mo. But add coffee, milk, and a few other essentials. Red wine is frowned upon at a police station...

Mo said...

Ha! Now I think the police station is exactly where some red wine is needed. We have a permanent keg in our breakroom with the spigot coming out of the wall. There are days it tempts me before 9am.