Wednesday Dec 17

Mo on the Kettlebell Swings
Box Jumps after C&J
"Bang and Blame"

3 rounds, for time:

10 Clean & Jerk
20 Box Jumps
30 Kettlebell Swings

This one's for Scott. Updates after the 0600 Crew gets their hands on it. High expectations for this one.


Whisky said...

Box jumps after cleans. Brutal!

CrossFit GSX said...

It was. It really was.

Mo said...

I eat kettlebells for breakfast

then box jumps eat my lunch


long time:xx

scott said...

Thanks for the dedication, but not so much afterward :)

Great wod...15:something. Need to watch amount of rest breaks....really killed me on time today.

Great job Mike!

Chuck9902 said...

I thought it was tougher going to the cleans after the KB swings...especially after I inhaled my water instead of drinking it!

Mo said...

Chuck - I think we all thought you were chucking. I was trying not to hear or smell at that point. Ha! Try not to snort the water next time!

Anonymous said...

13:43 (I think) I know Sean was 13:03 because I heard him yell "time" and I yelled "shit" (in my mind) I completely suck at box jumps. Mo, I thought Chuck was puking too. I was trying to go as fast as possible while he was doing all that hacking so that I could catch up to him.

CrossFit GSX said...

Ok that is the funny post I have ever read on this blog!

Congrats Newley.

I'm still laughing,

Mo said...

Oof! That is funny!

jason buzzard said...

Ok, this one kicked my burro!!!

115# Clean & Jerks
24kg KB swings

15 something....I was really hoping for faster but it just didnt happen today. On a better note though, my DU's are getting much better. Been doing at least 100 a day before class.

jason buzzard said...

Thanks Mike, I was hoping to get a little closer to your time, maybe next time.

Chuck9902 said...

After inhaling the water midway through round two of C&Js I thought I was going to puke for sure but I realized I had no time to puke when I saw newly and shawn moving on to box jumps!

david.griffin said...

Sounds like I have missed a couple of good workout these past 2 days. I guess I have to go to work sometime. See everybody at 0830 class on Friday.