Tuesday Dec 16

4 rounds

5 Back Squats
10 Pull-Ups
5 Press

Stage two bars, partner up as needed. Minimize the transitions.

GSX Holiday Shin-Dig, this Friday at 6:30pm. Pot-Luck, White Elephant gift exchange. BYOB and some to share.


whisky said...

Can you explain White Elephant to us? Is it a gag gift or a real gift? There was some confusion on the subject Saturday morning. Thanks

CrossFit GSX said...

Either way. Real gift or gag. Constantly varied. No crack.

scott said...

Great wod today. Thanks Josh for the help with the back squats.

225# on the 1st round of squats, but then had to go down to 205#. 95# press. took some time on the bs....9:46.

M.A. Deavers said...

Hope you guys liked the workout today, you'll be seeing more like it.

Stay warm,

whisky said...
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tuck said...

Im bringing my world famous holiday Schwetty Balls... I got the recipie from Alec Baldwin. Enjoy everyone.

Happy Holidays!

jason buzzard said...

WOD today, not timed at the 1630 class.
Round 1: S-205 P-117
Round 2: S-215 P-117
Round 3: S-225 P-117
Round 4: S-225 P-127

Wanted to go a little heavier on the squats but was leary due to how my knee feeling funny for some reason. Hands held up good as well, thank goodness.

Raif, I think I will aspire to the weights you were using, awesome job!!

ava said...

mmm...I can't wait to taste your Schwetty balls!!!

scott said...

Good job on the weight Jason. You are motivating me to concentrate on form and adding weight for strength instead of worrying about times.

raif said...

thanks Jas, I felt somewhat rested going in to it but i'm having a ard time getting up and down now. gonna be real sore in a couple of days.

you were smart not to push it with a knee issue. better to live to fight another day

good job scott. 225 is heavy. how would that have felt on you 9 months ago?

mmmmm schwetty balls!!!