Monday Jan 19

Chuck. Warrior. Completed all dips on the rings.
Wes, on it.

15 Thrusters
30 Dips
12 Thrusters
24 Dips
9 Thrusters
18 Dips
6 Thrusters
12 Dips
3 Thrusters
6 Dips


Chuck9902 said...

armss an hands complety blowwwn...stil cant tipe.

as rxd...95# & rungs.



the res of you guyz dont make me looke to bad.

CrossFit GSX said...


Chuck said he really enjoyed the workout today, and will continue to to work on his gymnastics skills.

And the rings, he loved the rings.

jason buzzard said...

LMAO!!! You know, I keep thinking that maybe I need to start wandering in at the 0600 class on Mondays as well. You early birds sure set the bar high, I am just trying to keep up. Great job this morning!!! This one sure looks fun!!

Mo said...

HA!! Thank you for the Chuck translation! Yay Chuck and Wes.

65 and did my dips on da bench. Glad I didn't drop the weight down...thought I was going to have to early on but...that drop in qty each round gave me some mental muscle to keep going. And Deavers/Josh encouragement always helps.

Saw Slumdog Millionaire last night - I likey.

scott said...

Tough wod. Upper body is jello. As rx'd 95# thrusters and ring dips...15:20. Thrusters were good, but dips struggled at the end.

Chuck9902 said...

WOW Scott! Struggled to a 15:20?Nice. I've gotta do more ring dips!

Buzzard! Blow it up!

scott said...

Thanks Chuck. Cut my thruster time down dramatically and trying not to take so many breaks or rest times (usually kills my times).

Buzzard and Raif will probably tear this one up.

Awesome job on the weight from Mo and Kristin!

jason buzzard said...

WOD as rx'd 95# thrusters-ring dips. 13:13 That was very humbling! I have been trying to work my ring dips a day or two a week but it looks like I need to work a bit harder. The thrusters werent so bad but after the first 30 dips I was good to get 4 in a row. After half way my form started going to poo. Great job everyone on this one!!!

david.griffin said...

I didn't think I was going to get it done today. I did make it and managed a decent attempt however. Chuck had some good points before the workout and that helped, thanks Chuck. He had other advice "you will be looking foward to thrusters after the ring dips". I thought to myself 'how the heck do you look foward to thrusters over ring dips?' Sho' nuff he was right.

k.stewart said...

Thanks Scott.


Chuck9902 said...

Scott, Buzzard, guys are animals! I politely asked for you not to make me look too bad! lol awesome work!

jason buzzard said...

Chuck, you set the standard. Not only did you do ring dips but that picture of you shows those arms at a 90 degree.

Darrell said...

Thrusters were the hardest for me...just getting back to squating exercises...Rx'd 7:38