Wednesday Jan 21

Chuck. Done.

3 rounds

50 Double-Unders
75 Squats


Chuck9902 said...

Newly and Mo rocked the DUs! My pathetic DUs got me a 15:00 finish.

So I'm setting the over-under at 10:00 for some of you animals!

Go get it!

scott said...

good wod, but now Ihave a case of rubberband legs. As rx'xd 10:51

david.griffin said...

wow glad today is a rest day for me. I'm already looking foward to tomorrow though.

Mo said...

Thanks guys!! That was fun. Did I just say fun? Jeepers.

jason buzzard said...

This WOD was decieving, the time I thought I should get and the time I got, well, they were a bit different. As rx'd: 9:51. Got the first 50 DU's straight, new pr! Could have kept going but it only called for 50-Damn it!!! Worked on GHD's and HSPU after.

Helped Craig with the main site WOD today, Mike, you are a brave man doing that one. Awesome job!

Anonymous said...

8:01 Chris L.

8:56 Trevor B.

jason buzzard said...

Chris L. and Trevor, awesome job!! Those are the times that I was hoping for.