Tuesday Jan 20

AMRAP, 15 min.

5 Pull-Ups
7 Hollow-Rocks
10 Squats


Alex (Crossfit Chicago) said...

Tuck glad to see you've added the level 2 gymnastics cert. i'm definitely going to make one of those in the future just not the 1st one. i need to be able to actually do some of the moves you'll cover so i've been working on everything - planches, levers, iron cross, handstands, etc. Can't get enough gymnastics in my programming.


jason buzzard said...

Those hollow rocks are no joke!!! Was trying to catch shaun the whole time. 4 squats shy of 20 rounds...I think. Shaun was just starting his 21st and I was right behind him.

PR'd DU's today, 45 straight, almost to 50.

You guys need to get to "bloggin" about something on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I have nothing to do at work and heaven forbid I "work", then they might want me to do it on a regular basis.

M.A. Deavers said...

Jason Buzzard keeps me honest. Ken C keeps me fighting.

The journey so far...


david.griffin said...

Got a quick workout in during some down time today. Just in time to watch jason 'the man' buzzard complete 45 DU's. Awesome job by the way. I should have my rope in three weeks so I will be trying to 'catch up' as usual. Looking foward to improving some deadlifts also.

scott said...

Sorry to leave you hangin Jason. I had an offer to play racquetball today and couldn't pass it up.

What are Hollow Rocks.