Friday the 13th

Buzzard headed north to 851
Team DL
Between DLs
The clock may read 7am, but it's 5 o'clock somewhere

CrossFit Total. Ready?


Jason Buzzard said...

I have been waiting on the CFT seems like forever. With hitting so many new PR's I was anxious to see where my strength had gone.

Squat: 297#
Press: 167#
DL: 387#
Total: 851#

Think I could have done just a little more on the squat. PR'd everything today! Raif, saw your DL PR, awesome job! Great job everyone this morning, thanks for the push!

Kristy said...

Beer?! Wait, I may need to reconsider my no 6am policy.

Chuck9902 said...

Everyone hit it hard today! CFT was on!

S-257, P-157, D-315...CFT 729.

I guess more of a Crossfit Partial becaise I know some of you animals will blow it up!!

Mo said...

157,60,205 - 422

Have a great weekend Knuckleheads!

CrossFit GSX said...

Sweet double under video on Main Site today.

Ali said...

Wow Mo! Having just found my pathetic max on DL, I realize how impressive 205# is!! I bought my ugly, I mean "non squishy" shoes today. Let's hope they help. Excited for tonight...

david.griffin said...

Today was a vacation day post CFT so I engaged in a cold beer afterward. Somewhat below average to average lifts today. Hope to improve in the stength department in the next 2 months. Newley, Buzzard and Chuck great job today. Looking foward to catching you guys on some of these lifts.

Chris L. said...

45 DU
45 Squat Clean (135#)
45 Ring Dips
45 DU

13:31 Chris L
15:54 Andrew
19:09 Trevor

Thanks Andrew for the workout!!

JBalls (Jason C. aka El Scorcho #2) said...

So this was my 4th Crossfit workout and it turns out to be CFT. Talk about getting the day started with a bang. Great working out with you hardcore guys ang gals this morning.

Squat- 185
Press- 137
DL- 315
Total- 637

Mo said...

Ha! Thanks Ali. Lemme know if dem ugly shoes have magic in 'em. You can do it!!

Davo said...


s - 340
p - 180
dl - 425
total 945

raif said...

great job 6 am'ers! What did Newly's trunk DL?

Chris L. said...


255 B.squat
160 Press
325 DL
740 CFT

Thanks for the help Josh!!

Ali said...

Oh Mo - These are the prettiest shoes I've ever bought! I LOVE how they felt. I HIGHLY recommend the indoor soccer shoe!!

tuck said...

i miss and love you guys sooooo much! so very proud of you all...

Hello from Canada Eh?