Monday Feb 23

Mo commiting to 5000lbs overhead
Wes returns

Men = 5000lbs
Women = 2500lbs

Number of pounds overhead in any lift and rep scheme you wish.

Example = 50 x 100lb Thrusters

Get creative. Go fast, or go heavy. Just get the weight overhead.


Chuck9902 said...

This should be fun.....

scott said...

100# 50 reps mixed press, jerk, and thrusters...7:10.

Awesome job Mo on the 5000#'s.

JBalls (Jason C. aka El Scorcho #2) said...

but I think 89# 56.1798 reps. Couldn't figure out how to bust out that .1798 of a rep so I rounded up to 57. 6:20overall.

I could have done 100# like all of the "tough guys" that are the morning group, dropping it by 11# really helped me to bust it out quick. Granted my bar didn't look as impressive.

Chuck9902 said...

95# 53 reps thrusters, push press, press...6:??

nice turnout at 6 am...competition is getting tough! Newly, Buzzard, Scott, Shawn, Tom, Jason, West, Jim...I love having to bust my ass to keep up with you guys! Now we just need to get Raif, Manton and some of you other animals in there!

Mo was the lone female representative this morning and did she ever represent with 5000# and a nice pic!

tuck said...

MO - THAT! is so ^^$^#&@! HOT!


Mo said...

Thanks Scott! I assume I should have used more weight to begin with. 55lb.

Mike/Josh you are appreciated for your bright idea of continuing on. That second half didn't quite feel the same as the first but I'm glad I did it.

Lurve to da Buzzard for pushing me.

Newley - Can I borrow your razor?

Joe said...

44x 115# of push presses


CrossFit GSX said...

Comments indicate a high level of 'interest' in this WOD.


david.griffin said...

Great WOD! Made the 0830 class. Completed 44 115# Thrusters in 9:20. I really wanted to do 95# but needed to go heavier, working on gaining some strength. I wish I had made the 0600 class sounds like it got a little crazy.

Mo nice picture and way to hang in there with the men at 5000#.

Anonymous said... glad i climbed back in bed!!!


Jason Buzzard said...

Paired up with Chuck this morning, you know when that happens that it is going to be a tough one. 6 minutes even. Rhonda, you really missed out today. Mo, you sure did set the standard this morning, great job stepping up on the extra weight.

Kristy said...

Uh yeah, thanks Mo. 5000lbs overhead in 9:26, 67lb for weight.

Anonymous said...

(44) 115 lbs push press 6:05

Mo said...

Awesome Kristy!

And yo welcome Sucka!!