Wednesday Feb 25

14 people at the 0600 class, awesome

4 rounds

250 Rope Skips
50 Sit-Ups
50 Supermans


Anonymous said...

FYI.....3 of the 14 were GIRLS!!!


Anonymous said...

correction: FOUR girls @ 6:00 class!

Chuck9902 said...

I need to jump rope the rest of my life...20:56

You guys who tackled the GHD sit ups and back extensions,impressive.

the competition at 06:00 is gettin tough!

Jason Buzzard said...

This one was deceptively tough. I feel like I got the poo kicked out of me! Subbed with 80 DU's, 25 GHD SU's and 25 GHD back extentions, 20:45 I think. Rhonda, awesome job on doing the back extensions in lieu of supermans. This 0600 class just keeps getting tougher and tougher to keep up. Will be working skill work tomorrow afternoon about 3:30 or 4 if anyone wants to join. Great job today everyone.

scott said...

Was behind the pack today....sub 80 double unders for the 250 skips. 21:something.

Awesome showing from Dave and Jason on the GHSU and Back Extension sub.

ken c said...

way to reach guys! liking the ghd action.

Joe said...

as rx'd


i wish i had the drive to get my butt out of bed for every 0600. you guys are crazy.

david.griffin said...

I've missed a couple of 0600 classes and wow everybody has upped the ante. I did straight skips until I can perfect my double-unders. GHD does not stand for Glute-Ham Developer, it stands for something Mike D. probably won't post on this blog. Great job for all those who completed Double-Unders thats amazing. Looking foward to tomorrow 0830 class.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't muster up the courage to try DU for the whole workout. Did the 250 skips and 25 GHD SU's and 25 GHD back extentions. Don't remember my time... need to pay more attention to that. Amazes me how a little jump rope can kick my butt every time!