Tuesday Feb 24

Raif, 5000lbs overhead sub 2min (twice)
Raif's Paw Pads...aren't they cute!

4 rounds

500m Row or Run 400m
50 Squats
10 Pull-Ups


ken c said...

woa. evil sounding workout. good luck everyone. i've got a new one working in my head.

Chuck9902 said...

Squats after rowing was devious...20:05 but I couldn't quite keep up with Byron who knocked it out in 20:03.

scott said...

Joined the 8:30 this morning and we ended up running 400m in place of row. 14:37.

While we were out running Raif pulled off a pretty amazing combination of wod's

1st WOD he compeleted Fran in sub 5 time.

2nd WOD he completed yesterdays 5000#'s at 1:51.

And if that was not enough he completed a 3rd WOD of 5000#'s overhead, but this time hit 1:37.

Amazing Raif.

Chuck9902 said...

Raif...you're an animal.

Jason Buzzard said...

Raif, I dont know that I am more impressed with your times or that you did all of those in a single work out. The only word that I can think of to sum it up is, DAMN!!! Sub 5 min Fran is awesome!

Kristy said...

Why isn't Raif competing in the qualifier????

Dave said...

What lift and weight did Raif use for this 5000#?

Im going to try this either Thursday or Friday and want to try and match it.

Bill said...

When I grow up I want to be half as strong as Raif! What a machine! Looking forward to the 1800 class today.

CrossFit GSX said...

"Why isn't Raif competing in the qualifier????"

Josh said Raif might break a nail...

Anonymous said...

i vote for raif in the games! come on raif.....represent!!!


Jason Buzzard said...

Really wasnt my day today. Did this one on the rower in 19:05. Not my best showing by far and I feel I could have done much better. Raif, whatever kool-aide you are sipping, sip sip pass brother...

raif said...

Thanks all for the encouragement. Actually doing multiple wods because I am tentatively planning on doing the qualifier because I really like having my butt kicked by a bunch of 20-somethings and one very local 40-something. Did Cindy this evening (got an ab cramp at 13 min{go figure}). Really gotta work on the cardio.

Dave, I did 95-lb push press for 53 reps=5035-lbs 20-10-10-7-6. do it fresh and you should probably go 1:20's given your cft. Good luck!

Jas, I'll let you have some of my push press kool aid if you trade me some 83 du's tasty beverage.

Scott, thanks for posting my times. It looks cooler if you do it. And no offense to Buzz and Newly but I think you should have at least shared in cross fitter of the year.

Glad to see Bill getting after it again!

May be to stove-up to show tomorrow so see you all on Thurs.

tuck said...

tucker from down under!

Wonderful stuff looking at all of your progress folks.

Raiff! Come on old man, you are the youngest old guy I know! Get your ass registered!


PS - Miss you guys!

Dave said...

95# push-press 1:22

Should have been faster, but I was off in my counting and my clock keep had to tell me to do 3 more.

Good test of efficiency. Should you do more weight with less reps or less weight with more reps. I was def thinking about 115 to cut reps, but glad I chose 95#. I may come back and do this next week with 115# just to see what the result would be.

raif said...

Good Job Dave, but of course you know you threw down the gauntlet. Actually saw your post at the gym after my 100 wallball/100 pull up wod. First did 95# 25-12-16 in 1:12 then wondered how I could do with 135# for 37 reps so I did 13-12-12 reps in 1:06 both with Eric counting and timing. Thanks for the push. I'm really interested to see what you could do with 115.

You know we had some young guy just out of college football come in and do Grace in 1:30 something...f'ing Grace!

Good Luck