Tuesday Feb 03

For time:

150 Kettlebell Swings
10 Burpees every time set is broken, interrupted, or paused

Cheers, ya'll.


ken c said...

beastly sounding wod. might have to give it a try. i would suggest that the 70lb. kb do nothing but collect dust today. 53 is plenty.

scott said...

That was one tough wod. 53# 11:27. Unreal job by Kristin....120 straight kb swings w/o stopping.

jason buzzard said...

Ken, why do I feel like you are looking at me and saying that? LOL

Awesome job Scott...how many burpees did you do?

Kristin, 120 straight?! Thanks for making us all look bad. Thank god I wasnt in that class.

scott said...

My initial thought was to break it up into 3 sets of 50....well that did not quite work. I ended up doing 4 sets of burpees and ended up trying to get a minimum of 30 swings a set.

Kristin smoked this one. I think she was under 6 minutes.

jason buzzard said...

You got me on todays Scott, awesome job. 1.5 pood, 13:05. Only did 4 sets of burpees though. Got the first 50 straight then sets of 25 after that. The last 50 had my forearms smoked. This was a great work out! Thanks Eric and Amy for cheering David and myself on.

scott said...

Thanks Jason. That is a rarity. I think I found another gear when I heard Kristin was at 120. I heard tomorrows wod is going to be a killer for the upper body....looking forward to it.

JBalls (Jason C. aka El Scorcho #2) said...

So yesterday was my first Crossfit Group workout.
You guys sure know how to welcome a guy.
I am sure there will be more that are even tougher, but that was a great one to get started with. With that being said I had a ton of fun and can't wait for the next workout.