Wednesday Feb 04

21, 15, 9

Ring Dips


Chuck9902 said...

Ring dips suuuuck....17:18

Chuck9902 said... rx'd with 95# presses and ring dips...17:18

scott said...

That smoked my arms. As rx'd 13:12.

Super Dave had a sub 11 time....unreal.

jason buzzard said...

I am thinking that you Mon-Wed-Fri guys have an advantage. My shoulders are killing me right now from yesterday! Scott you sure set that bar nice and high for me today.

david.griffin said...

I forgot my time from this morning but it wasn't pretty. I was still dead from yesterdays WOD. Yesterday's time was 19:42 and I did I think 50 or 60 Burpee's. I realize that the idea is to do LESS Burpees, but I'm not that smart, so I made myself more miserable. Thanks a million to Aimee, Eric and Jason B. for cheering me on.

jason buzzard said...

WOD as rx'd - 12:30. 95# presses. Before starting this I thought that the push ups would be my saving grace. Went to do my first set and realized that I was already wiped out. Not since I was 10 have I had to break up a set of 21 push ups.

ken c said...

did the kb swing w burpee penalty wod from yesterday.

6:54 (55lb. db 100 25 25)