Monday Mar 02

"Sister I'm A Poet"

Row 250m
10 Thrusters
Row 250m
10 Thrusters
Row 250m
10 Thrusters
Row 250m


scott said...

Thrusters @ 135# and alternated row and skips..13:08. Thrusters started looking sloppy towards the end. Tough wod.

Great job Jason knocking this out in great time and thanks Tom for the bar.

Chuck9902 said...

wow...legs not quite back under me yet...14:11

135# thrusters, 3 rds row, 2 rds rope skips

Joe said...

replace two of the rows with 200 skips and thrusters @ 95 lbs.


david.griffin said...

This sounds like a gasser? What were the times this morning. I'm headed to the 1630 class.

Jason Buzzard said...

This one was a lot of fun this morning. The 135# thrusters are getting better everytime that we do them. 10:05 today with 2 rounds on the rower and 2 with 70 DU's. Awesome job Mo and Rhonda for working the GHD sit ups after class. Raif, you should have a lot of fun with this one. Both rowing and thrusters are strong for you.

raif said...

Was gonna work different elements but then Andrew showed up and we decided we could push each other. Dave G. had just done the 4:30 and was easily peer pressured into doing it again with lower weight. Did 135# for 7:07 then stayed and did two more 10 rep thruster sets at 135 and ran 10 hills to the tree.

Good job Scott, Jas, and Chuck for manning up on the weight!

Anonymous said...

#135 with 2 rows and 2 (200) skips 12:09 Legs are sore.