Thursday Mar 05

"Tabata These"

Squats (rest at bottom)
Overhead Squats (empty bar, or from rack)


david.griffin said...

I completely wussed out on the 'Manton'workout from yesterday in lieu of tomorrows suspected workout. I wasn't going to do anything but rest until Ava and Jason B. in their infinite wisdom convinced me to join the in 'Helen'. 11:04 as my time. Ava you did a badace job on the last round of pull-ups great effort. Jason way to lead the pack. Looking foward to the 0600 class tomorrow.

tuck said...

Judas, may I have another! LMFAO!

Mike D - you rock hard!

Jason Buzzard said...

Ava you are a wicked smart for suggesting Helen today! You and David both did a great job today. I was hoping for a better time, maybe next time. 10:40. I must say, Manton, you did a fine job putting together a WOD. I am really damn sore!!

ava said...

I'm glad you guys were there to push me today. That last round was more of a walking Helen for me. 13:15 for me. You both did great!