Good Times at the CF Gymnastics Cert



tuck said...

many many thanks to the folks at CF New Port Beach (Melissa, Carl, Brian)and all the very wonderful and positive attendees...

this was a very special weekend for me and my daughter. all of you went out of your way to make her feel welcome and special... she actually cried when we left because all of you were just too wonderful for words.

McKenzie says thank you!

what a great time and what a special cert weekend.


Lysa said...

Thank you Tucker!

It was an honor and a pleasure to be a part of that cert weekend at Newport. It really was a most amazing group of people. I"ll have to say that the coach was what made that day so very special. You have a gift for teaching others and it comes from the deep love and sincerity you have towards your fellow man. You are a man of honor and you walk and talk with good will towards others. it comes through loud and clear in your teaching style and makes one want to give you their all!
Thank you again Tucker, anyone that gets a chance to learn from you is truly learning from one of the best.
McKenzie is just darling and it was so nice to have her smiling face cheering us on. I hope we get a chance to cross paths again someday.
With Respect, love and best wishes,