Today Is April Fool's Day...Remember?

Click on dis'

5 Rounds

10 Bench Press
10 Bicep Curls
10 Tricep Extensions
10 Calf Raises
10 Lat Pull Downs

As submitted by Ken C...Watch mirror for "good form"


Jason Buzzard said...

This one kind of creeps up on ya. Did 15 back extensions in lieu or supermans. Trailing behind Chuck and most of the rest of the class today. I think it was around 18 something.

Chuck9902 said...

Yep, Buzzard talked me into the back extensions too. 17:47 with 1.5 pood and the 15 back extensions.

Buzzard, shoot me an email at and I will forward you that website.

Good work today again by the 6 am crew.

Chuck9902 said...

very nice on the revised April 1st WOD!

CrossFit GSX said...

Revised? Don't hate. Gotta work the chesticles.

Mo said...

Snoop in the hizzouse!

18 something

I love you Wes! I'm just whooped.

With all my house repair WOD's I keep waiting to DNF. Here is what I've been doing for 3-4 hours every evening lately. If you can clicky and see it anyway. That would be recycled hardwood flooring I am prying off of the old subfloors.

JBalls (Jason C. aka El Scorcho #2) said...

MO, when you get done with your house reapairs I will be gracious enough to let you continue the house workout by coming and fixing my hardwood floors.

As for the WOD, looks like something straight out of a Men's Health Magazine. I am going to have to call BS on that one. I was going to go for a long run today, but I might have to come and find out what the real workout is instead.

CrossFit GSX said...

Lay off the Haterade, peeps. This is straight out of Hip Hop Abs Vol. 4

tuck said...

Alright, dangit, darn, shucks. iPhone for Mike D. He is awesome and I love him with all my big 'ole Texas heart. Shucks, darn, dangit.


Mo said...

Thanks! I will put work on JBalls hardwood on my list. Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk!

I should be a pro by then. ;)

CrossFit GSX said...

Wow, calling to see if we're "really working out"...awesome.

tuck said...



ken c said...

thanks for finally posting my workout. can't believe manton's "death by deadlift" wod won out over mine.

M.A. Deavers said...

Feel the burn. Man, I guess people actually read this thing.

Or do they?