Monday June 1

6 rounds

Row 250m
10 Box Jumps
10 Wall Ball Shots


Chuck9902 said...

15:44...started off strong out of the gate but Buzzard, Travis and a few others passed me around round 3. Fun one, nice to get outside, nice to finally meet Carli(y?) and nice turn out for 6 am on a Monday.

Mo said...

17:XX ? I forget. I did step ups instead of jumps. I'm still effin sore from Wed AND Fri!! Cry me a river I know.

-Wimpy Mo

Mo said...

Oh and Ali/Raif you can't be talking to my running peeps!!! If all the puzzle gets put together they'll lock me back up in my rubber room!

I've been buggin' K to try CFit for quite a while. ;) They are both speedy runners and supa cool peeps.

scott said...

Really enjoyed the 11:30 class today. This is a great addition to the schedule...thanks Carly and Josh.

As rx'd 15:52.

david.griffin said...

This looked like a fun workout. I somehow managed to hit all the right buttons on my alarm and over slept. I'm going to do this at work but modify it to an almost unrecognizable state.

10 Box Jumps
10 Thrusters with 20# dumbells.

Any thoughts on these substitutes?

Worked on Muscle-ups Sunday, that movement is coming around. Plan on working on them today also.

Kristy said...

Wow, this was a sweaty one but I liked it! 16:40, I need to learn to row faster.

chase. said...


Great job to chris and mike knocking today out like some champs.

And here's to walking funny tomorrow.

david.griffin said...

This WOD almost made me vomit. Just nasty. 30"box jumps and 40# thrusters. 300 meter run.

Steven Willis said...

Wow, totally humbled today... Got to workout with Ali, and she beat me. My time was 14:30. Great workout and GREAT job Ali!

Hey Josh, CFT soon??

ChrisChev said...

Good to sweat out the impurities from the weekend, warm at 4.30 but not that bad. Everyone had a good, hard workout today...15.30ish

Jason Buzzard said...

Post from earlier didnt go though, 14:10. Travis killed this one today!

Ali said...

Thanks Steven. Hope you'll stick with the 6pm class. You'll come to see, long & cardio intensive is all I got. Working on the strengh. Speaking of, failed at 65# press today. Upset me more than it should. Think I'll try it fresh Wednesday, otherwise I'll be pissy about it too long.

Mo - Really liked Kelly and her boyfriend Saturday night. We all agreed that you are the greatest blogger. They bragged on your running too.

JBalls (Jason C. aka El Scorcho #2) said...

I am late to the game posting on this one, but hey it is tough to keep on schedule over here in Europe.

Finished this one in 14:05 with the rest of the gym watching me as I sprinted from rower to wall ball station to box jumps. Things are a little spread out over here at CF Ramstein so I had a little extra sprint in between stations.