Friday June 5

Scott working the gas tank
0830 Crew on a beautiful Friday

6 Rounds

400 m Run

Rest as needed


ken c said...

nice weather so sprinted yesterday at the track. 400m 1:02 400m 1:10 200m :30 200m :31 100m :11 something 100m :12 something (looking at watch so couldn't get 10ths of seconds). 3 minutes rest between all. need to sprint more often. managed to not pull a hammy but right achilles not so great today.

ava said...

I'm so glad you are fast AND strong so that if I ever need to run, you can just carry me!

Robert said...

Boardshort Friday...where was everyone? Ran these with Travis and Chuck.
Warmup-Josh says that before the cock crows twice Silverback Monkeys will...nevermind.
Rd 1-just trying to stay close, 1:24.
Rd 2-kept same pace, Chuck and Travis slowed a bit, 1:24.
Rd 3- 3,2,(I start),1, GO...really good start for me...finish BEFORE Chuck...think he cussed me out, know he called me a Sandbagger, 1:21. Halfway there.
Rd 4-Monkeys jump on, 1:27, and yet, fealing Majestic.
Rd 5-Josh is screwing with us at the start, that's called Sadism. 1:24.
Rd 6-Travis runs like the wind, Chuck recovers for strong finish, I hit 1:25. End with everyone's favorite vomit story. See ya Monday.

Chuck9902 said...

Yep...bring your bananas for the f*****g monkeys THAT WILL CLIMB ALL OVER YOUR BACK NEAR THE FINISH! The last damn tree before you finish is full of chimps!

That b*****d Bob was sand baggin the first 2 rounds! During round 3 he had this "burst" of energy and only finished with a small newborn chimp while I finished with a f*****g silverback riding in with me! I don't know about Travis and Bob but I turned the pull up bar area into a f*****g zoo with all the primates I brought in after 6 rounds! Good times.

Did someone say booty shorts Mondays?

CrossFit GSX said...

No dude, Tucker said it was short-shorts Saturday...

scott said...

Tough on the gas tank today
1:18, :20, :24, :30, :24, :21

ChrisChev said...

Did not want to do this one but glad I was strong armed into it, felt good afterward to get a run in. 1.17,1.24,1.19,1.21,1.18,1.22

A little warm at 4.30 but not to bad....Ask Carley about the sun though, it was strong today...

tuck said...

Freddie Mercury used to wear short shorts, look where it got him! Shot Shorts are for friggin girls. I never wear short shorts, but Deavers does!