Thursday June 4

"Tabata This"

Clapping Push-ups


Steven Willis said...

that is nasty.

Jason Buzzard said...

Was a great work out. Keep pace on everything, clapping push ups get to ya quickly. David had the great idea of using 225# for the dead lift, right now I strongly dislike you! Score: 5, 6, 6, 3. Have fun with this one Steven.

Steven Willis said...

Haha...oh I'm sure I will. I'll post how it went tonight if I have the energy!

castillo74 said...

WOW! Toast...pace yourself carefully!
6, 5, 5, & 3@225lbs
Good luck to my 4:30 peeps

david.griffin said...

Lots of fun. We will see how J. Buzzard feels about me when his CFT is several points higher than last attempt. Great turnout and hard work by everyone today.

Steven Willis said...

Holy crap... Haha that was a workout. Got around 190 reps.