Wednesday May 13


75% of Body Weight Squat Cleans
Clapping Push-Ups


ken c said...

now THAT looks like a kick ass workout.

Chuck9902 said...

135# for the squat cleans in 17:41 and completely spent

Jason Buzzard said...

Ken, it was a lot of fun! I really need to work on my cleans and get the technique better. 17:04 I think with 135#, I think that is 79% of my BW though, being the math-lete that I am. The push ups were actually recovery time. Travis destroyed it this morning as usual and it was great to see Mackey this morning too.

scott said...

Great times Jason and Chuck!

Used 135#....about 70% of my body weight. Very tough wod and yet another movement that I need to work on. I think my time was around 20 minutes.

Big Rob knocking it out this morning with 157# - very impressive.

ava said...

That was a good workout! Since I worked on power cleans yesterday, wanted to keep the practice going today. Used 75# (65%bw). I think that was a good weight because I was struggling a bit at the end. 22:45. I agree with Jason, the push ups were definitely recovery!

jared said...

ughh. Did this last week with Pull ups instead of push ups. Went for 75% of Dwight's body weight @ 170, which is close to 100% of my body weight. Wanted to die... 14:54 Dwight pulled it in @ 19:27

Anonymous said...

I am such a wimp..not telling my body weigt or the weight for my cleans..just good to be with the 6:00am crew!

Oh yea...didn't clap on my push-ups either.....such a WIMP!!!


Travis said...

Yes it was a Kick Ass WOD. Should of done more weight...just did as Rx'd. Maybe I should gain weight?? "Nah"

Angie P said...

Well, that was a whippin for me. I blame the heat (had to do the WOD in our garage).
105# and clapping pushups (although they were more like desperate fingertip touching) - 23:50.
Way to kick butt, Ava!!

CrossFit GSX said...

Nice job, guys. Good to see you all rockin' it.

Mike D.

mackey said...

that's it... i'm going on a new diet.. if 155# is 75% bw, then i need to purge. anybody have any good advice for bulimia? 18:40 hurts.
thanks for the 0600 class warm welcome!
spent all day at fire training center rescuing dummies and i could feel every single squat clean.

mackey said...

we got a wild hair at the station this afternoon...
4rds: 400m run, 10 burpees, 20 box jumps, 30 double unders

any feedback? stupid wod?

Chris L. said...

Good WOD...did 115lb...BW at 145lb.


Legs were really sore after yesturdays "Jason" WOD.

100 Squats
5 Muscle Ups
75 S
10 MU
50 S
15 MU
25 S
20 MU


david.griffin said...

Looking at the times it appears the warmer the day got the longer the WOD went. 28:something was my time at 135lbs. This week has been a great round of WOD's, Thanks.

ChrisChev said...

With workouts being outside I defintely noticed yesterday during sprints and today that I am not drinking enough water during the day, just fyi...not that that would improve my times any...18 flat at 70%..thanks guys for help on my slacker form...

Mo said...

Meant to post yesterday that I am an idiot...only did 65lbs...should have done about 110 or so...didn't clap either...ahh well I showed up at least