Have You Met Paul?

Paul, center, during the recent Black Ops
Paul and his friend "Murph"

Meet our friend Paul, if you haven't already. Paul has lost over 50lbs with a little powerful help from CrossFit, and we're damn pround of him. So stop him and say hello next time you see him, you'll be glad you did. Great job, Sir.


Jason Buzzard said...

Paul is a damn animal!! I challenge all of you to keep up with him during a WOD, he leaves it all out there everytime. Great job Paul.

Chuck9902 said...

I haven't had the pleasure but anyone who starts Crossfit with basically a 50 lb weight vest is a warrior! Awesome!

david.griffin said...

Glad you are famiar with Murph, I've never even met the guy. I've seen you at the Saturday workouts. I will need to introduce myself next time. Congratulations on your Crossfit achievements.

Scott great job on 'grace' today. You smoked your
predicted time.

Paul said...

Thanks! It is hard to believe that I have lost it in such a short time. Special thanks to Mike for the encouragement early on.