Thursday September 10

"Tabata Fight Gone Bad"

Complete 8 rounds of each exercise before moving to the next station. One round consists of 20 seconds of work, followed by 10 seconds of rest.

Wall Ball Shots
Sumo Deadlift High Pull
Box Jump
Push Press

"Preparation for Fight Gone Bad" : HERE


chirodoctx said...

Jason and Chris,
Congrats on gettin' your mugs on the main site.

Parker said...

Despite the wounded soldiers last night the Rainmakers easily won the softball game last night. Great job dudes and dudettes!

BTW there is a 3 on 3 Coed Volleyball tournament at the Lockheed Martin Rec Facility on Saturday. Word on the street is that there are some weak teams and some superior x fitters could take down the win. Only need one girl and 2 dudes to make a team! Details:

platt said...

Yeah, I saw you guys. That was pretty cool. Where the hell was Tucker? Shouldn't he be doing that kinda stuff?

Charles said...

Tucker's out the door again to Washington.

platt said...


Call Angie. She played in college. 817 480 7430

Emily said...

We kicked some butt last night! I like winning!