Tuesday September 8

"CrossFit Total"

Back squat, 1 rep
Shoulder Press, 1 rep
Deadlift, 1 rep

CrossFit Total: FURTHER
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Jerod said...

Backsquat 225, Shoulder Press 145, Deadlift 335. Total 705

Chris L. said...

Had a blast with the morning crew!! Great job everyone!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Chris, for all your help!! Next time I won't let the "mini squats" get me!! (LOL)


ava said...

That was fun!
bs 150 (160 pr)
press 75 (tied pr)
dl 230 (pr!)
CFT 455 (pr!)

Jason Buzzard said...


BWT-165#, HT-67.5"

PR's on everything....was a good CF day! Seems like everyone hit at least one PR today.

raif said...

Did not expect to do well after what Ali put me through yesterday but glad I tried. BS 375, P 210, DL 465, CFT 1050. Pr'd BS by 40 lbs and DL by 30.

Great job Buzzard, Castillo and Ava. Buzzard's 180 lb press was epic! It took atleast 15 seconds to go up but he fought it out! Castillo got on the board for the first time!

castillo74 said...

Thanks to Buzz and Raif for pushing me past my comfort zone! Both of you guys killed it today!

BS- 350#
Press- 155# (f'in weak)
DL- 385# (weak)

Total 890#...tied w/ Buzz but not even close to Raif's 1050# CFT

chirodoctx said...

Congrats on the over bodyweight press. Bob Hoffman (old weightlifting guru) used to throw down the following challenge : "only one in 10,000 men can press their bodyweight. Are you one of them?"

Good job,

Parker said...

Today was awesome! PR all the way through!

BS=225 up from 185
Press=145 up from 135
DL=335 up from 315

Raif - see you at Softball tomorrow. You talked her into it.

Candice said...

BW Press? WOW!

BS - 185lbs
Press - 85 lbs
DL - 290* New PR

Gotta get the press down. I like how Castillo puts 155 as "f*n weak for a press...I would take the month off if I was able to accomplish something like that!

ava said...

Great job, Candice!