Monday October 5

4:30 Crew
Allow 20min to find 1RM Snatch


Sumo Deadlfift High Pull
Ring Dips


ken c said...

snatch means receiving the bar in a full squat position. if you don't have that movement pattern down yet then do a power snatch and an overhead squat.

scott said...

First time to try a heavy snatch. Finished at 155#, but sloppy. Great to set a benchmark to work from though.

Wod rx'd at 4:40.

Vanessa said...

6am came way to quickly this morning.

90# snatch... Think I can get 95 soon. For some reason I want to "split" my stance... It worked so I guess I'll go with it.

Wod: 4:35

Ring dips are getting better! Yay!

M.A. Deavers said...

30 Muscle Ups, 6:51 new best.

Vanessa said...

Nice, Mike!

Hey, to any of the girls I exchanged numbers with at the social, can you please send me a text. I lost a lot of my contacts when I tried to update my phone.


ken c said...

good work put out by the 4:30 and 6 classes. seeing lots of improvement.

the superstar of the night was jared. 450 deadlift! 45lb. pr! it was beastly.

Jason Buzzard said...

Did the 30 MU work out and hit a small PR, 7:28.

Parker said...

Great job Jared. Glad I got to see you do it. As for me all I have to say this morning is oooooouuucccch.