Suffer On Saturday, Free Saturday Class

Chris L., enforcing the standards
Med Ball Toss
Warrior, thank you for visiting us
Brooklyn, Texas style
Ball Slams
High Five Push-Ups
Thank you for coming out you two
Great workout guys


Super Trev said...

Chris and I did this one last night and we got just under 24 min. Needless to say who the weakest link was on our team.....CHRIS!....that guy just isnt strong and has no motor to him. On the last run he cramped up like a little baby and I had to carry the med ball pretty much the whole way. Oh wait...that was me....thanks bud. Good tough work out.

Chris L. said...

Was a fun one today! I love the team workouts. Everyone really pushed themselves and their teammates to perform their best. Also, love seeing the motivation and encouragement throughout such a grueling task. I can really see an increase in intensity when they have someone depending on you to help them finish a workout, really puts the pressure on to go all out! Great work today!