Thursday October 8

1000m Row
10 Bodyweight Deadlift
12 Kettlebell Swings
500m Row
10 BW Deadlift
12 Kettlebell Swings
500m Row
10 Bodyweight Deadlift
12 Kettlebell Swings
1000M Row

When is a workout, just a workout?


Shelby said...

This was a good one! I learned that I'm heavier than I thought I was when I had to deadlift my own weight :)

ava said...

still no pulling today with these tears, but this looks like a good one. maybe i'll do it over the weekend. should be better by then.

scott said...

Last 1000m row was tough. rxd with 210# dl @ 18:27.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Scott....last 1000 was so hard! Glad to be back, but chose a hard one to come back to!! gonna be sore tomorrow!


Candice said...

16:41 at 135#-Chased Raif and Derick the whole way

raif said...

15:41 at 225 dl's (real bw is 215). Had to fight off booty-lock on last row. 1000 meters never seemed so long.

Welcome back Derrick and Rhonda!

raif said...

Funny pic!

Ali said...

Ken - Thanks for the "Logsitall" info, very happy to hear!!! I spoke too soon about soreness. Went today and did todays wod switching the DL for burpees and the KB for ball slams. 555 meters in, I felt the craziest sharp pain in my back. I jumped (the pain threw me) out of the rower and I tried to figure out what happened. Unfortunately I continued the wod, and now my back is so tight I can't sit up in bed without Raif's help. Very bad pain Big suck, but still glad I did Christine! Even happier after your text.

Vanessa- you are not allowed to post a Christine time for 1 week. Just kidding, I just know you'd kill it.

Derrick said...

16:21 at 185lb DL

It was good to be back at the box today. Been out with a shoulder injury and my daughter has been taking up alot of time also.

When Raif sat on the rower next to me and said, "The race is on." I knew I was in trouble.

Between Raif and Candice, I was in a world of hurt. Trying to catch and Raif and keeping Candice from catching me.

Vanessa said...

Oooh...that one does not look fun.

Work forced a rest day but I needed it.

Booty lock,Raif? LOL

Parker said...

As Rx'd and finished! Ouch.

Vanessa said...

Ali! Hate that your back is hurting. :-( Raif, I think she needs a spa day. Right Ali? Oh and I'll wait a while before I do Christine. I want my deadlift back up to snuff before I try it. Don't want to dissapoint ya! ;-)