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Submitted by Ken


ken c said...

by far the most dramatic weightlifting battle for gold at this past olympics. these guys weigh about 185lbs.

rybakou (in blue) is the world record holder in the snatch but yong (in red) is the better clean and jerker. rybakou has snatched more than 185kg in the past but missed on his second lift. he needed a bigger lead going into the clean and jerk.

rybakou clean and jerks 209kg which is real good for him which means yong needs 214kg to tie. yong had never lifted 214 in competition before. at first the judges give him the second lift but then reverse themselves based on him not fully locking out the jerk. he has to do it again after thinking he had just won the gold.

the two end in a tie but a tie goes to the lighter lifter and yong weighs a pound less than rybakou.

intensity and flawless technique. focused aggression. the snatch is one of the most athletic movements in all of sport. bring your A game today!

Charles said...

Thanks for making me feel so weak and worthless this early in the week Ken. Check this out-

Joe said...

why did his second c&j not count?

Candice said...

65 I come! hahaha...WAHN! WAHN!

Chris L. said...

I believe they dont count the second lift because of his elbow bend. The bar goes down then back up.

Posted a FGB4 video during the second heat at

ken c said...

yong's second clean and jerk was scratched because he didn't catch the jerk fully locked out. they show it in slow motion a few times and his left arm bends at the elbows then he presses it back out.

most every lifter hates the lockout rule with good reason. most rules exist so that someone doesn't get an unfair advantage. in lifting its to the lifter's advantage to catch the bar locked out. its harder to press out at the top of the lift.

yong left no doubt on the last lift. amazing finish.

raif said...

Power snatched 185 (pounds not kilos) probably could have done more but happy to have done first real snatch with any weight. Great coaching from Ken but not sure it sunk in totally.

Candice whipped me in the wod. Kind of embarassing that she could do ring dips so much better.