Day 3

Deadlift (225#/155#)
Handstand Push ups


Robert said...

Good job Jackie, Beth, Mo, and Sara. Nice form on the deadlifts. I did this WOD at 10:20 with RX weight and band assit on the hspu.

Travis said...

New PR for Diane...3:44 as Rx'd

Does anyone know how to add a PR to BeyondTheWhiteboard?

Candice said... should update it as a PR automatically. If not, make sure they are both categorized as WOD (via GSX) or as workout (as if u posted it. Dunno why it does that but it is a lil jacked up.

Mo said...

Men dismounting the bands on HSPU's...people just might pay to see it. Shall I say umm non gymnast/graceful men. FYI Bob your dismounts are actually graceful compared to Jim's.


rx'd dl, used bands for HSPU 13:40

I'm more slothy than my norm sloth lately. More tile laying tonite...I shall blame that.

Parker said...

Travis, For the Bench marks I post mine in the bench marks, not the WOD. A PR will automatically show up only if your previous data is in there.

Candice said...

"Diane:" *PR 6:23 Rx'd

Went back soon after with Tony (the hubby) and he did it at a good 22:41 Rx'd. Not bad for a beginner who hasn't worked out consistantly in over a year...and he was super hung over!

Then I did "Annie" after: *PR 5:15 Rx'd...almost caught you Chris...not this time though.

Emily said...

7:47 don't know my last time, but know I didn't do it rx'd last time. Did the DL rx'd and HSPU w an ab mat and a 25lb wt under it today.

raif said...

Those are awesome times! Travis on Diane and Candice on Annie. I did 56 straight du's in my driveway tonight while waiting to flip steaks and it was shear exhaustion that stopped me. Don't think I would have been ready for sit ups for a while. This should be interesting.