Game Day

“GSX "Members Only" Challenge”

GSX will be hosting an in-house CrossFit Challenge for all GSX members. This will be a one day event with multiple workouts. Workouts will be scalable, so all members are encouraged to participate. Awards will be given to top male and female athletes in both, Rx’d and Scaled categories.

When: Saturday, February 20, 2010
           @ 10:00 A.M. – 3:00 P.M. (With a lunch break) (Event may end earlier)

Where: GSX Athletics

How: Sign ups will be at the front desk of the GSX lobby.

Price: $10 per participant (includes a T-shirt)

Post Party: There will be a Social Gathering that night @ 6:30P.M.
                    Parents Night Out will be offered for all members.


Ali said...

This sounds so fun. Great idea GSX! Thanks for letting us know well in advance so we can put it on the calendar.

Mo said...

Awe...y'all try to have fun without me. That's my first scheduled drag race of the season.

By the way...Wes doesn't blog dangit. I wish he did. But just sos ya know he is in Guatemala volunteering his time at an orphanage. Because he is not only supa fast, funny, and good looking but also clearly a good dang person.

Jason Buzzard said...

When will the work outs be posted?

Robert said...

AND he needs to get back into NASCAR. You should let him be your driver.

Mo said...

I don't go in circles silly boys!

Candice said...

BRRRRING IT! (unless "Tommy V" is attending... HA!)

raif said...

It'll be three wods for total time:Grace, D.T. and strip cup...uh, I mean flip cup. The last event doesn't start until Mo gets back from her race.

k_cutrer said...


we do not do flip cup for time. takes time to ease into a good flip cup match.