Jan. 4

1RM Front Squat
20 Min AMRAP of:
15 Push Press (65/45)
10 Pull ups


Anonymous said...

cool old photo of steve!

Mo said...

Peeeearahhh 160 front squat :)

Due to time constraints I only did about 15 min of the AMRAP. But I did that 15 oh so well... pfft!

Are my farm raised shrimps the only ones that holla Moo?

Anonymous said...

That or he's not afraid of a little 25 degree weather. Neither are the green trees.

chirodoctx said...

I would like to go on record to say that if you see me doing any more kipping pullups, they will be of the chest-to-bar variety!


Candice said...

12 rounds, 15 push press, 8 pull ups with Scott right on my butt.

Lots of ripping on this one so be careful.

FS 170#

stefanie said...

was it a lot harder to do pullups with Scott on your butt?

Ali said...

Ransom - Tried one of your body weight wods today. Loved it, thanks for helping me mix it up a little. 7 rds of 7 pullups, 7 thrusters (#45), 7 burpees, 7dips, 7 sit-ups, 28 du's. 19:36.

Candice said...

Steph, you gotta be prepared for all demands, right? Time to start those weighted butt pull-ups so your not behind on the power curve.