Jan 7

Jason Castillo

3 Rounds of:
500m Row
21 Burpees
400m Run


Parker said...


CrossFit GSX said...

Sub the run for longer row. Due to ice!
3 rounds of:
800m row
21 burpees

stefanie said...

an opportunity to say "yea burpees!" and mean it.

Mo said...

Bob please tell me you aren't sick now too. If you are umm Travis started it all. Yeah...that's my story and I'm stickin' to it.


Row Row Row yer butt
Painfully on the Concept Twoooo
Meredith Ali Meredith Ali
I'm really glad my idiocy humors you!

XOXO Good thing I have this GIANT WARM heart sos I don't get cold today.

ava said...

I remember this WOD!! Ali smoked it. I cried!

Meredith said...

Tough one one your own!!

18:48 and im sure everyone will be glad they werent there since i had my own personal tunes JAMMIN!!!

Candice said...

Skipped this one to rest a little...This week has me spent!

Did a 3RM OHS
Tried 120#x3(f)
But 120 is my 1RM so I think 115x3 is progress in some way, shape, or form. Lookin' forward to saturday's WOD.

david.griffin said...

Did the workout as originally prescribed despite the temperature and the 10 mph head win. 18:42.

Mo how long does it take you to come up with your posts?

Ali said...

This is one of those wods that leave you with the smokers cough afterward. I remember complaining, "I'm tired, I really want to stop" in round 2. Tough one.

Mo said...

Dave, stupid comes out fast...real fast.

How could you not love him?

He's a firefighter
AND a dog lover
He's a gentleman
AND a hot shirtless mutha.....

Mo said...

Whoa..not that the lil diddy I wrote about you is stupid. No Sirrrreeee! It's pure genius. Normally tho - I'm real good and quick at stupid.

ava said...

I agree, Mo! Who doesn't love Griff?!