Suffer on Saturday

Join us for our Free Crossfit Class every Sat morning starting at 9AM. Feel free to stick around and watch our As Rx'd class begining at 10AM (members only).

10:00 AM WOD:
OHS (135#/95#)
Pull up


chirodoctx said...

Crossfit babes are hot!

Candice said...


Thanks for thinking of me :)...I decided to take the day off and tomorrow will probably be a full day of nothing as well. I foam rolled the leg for a little while and I think that's all that it needed. That and REST!!

Good job to everyone at the 9am and the rx'd class today! Chris, you never cease to amaze, EVERYONE!

Ali said...

Great working out with the 9am Saturday class. Fun to see new faces along with so many GSX'ers. The 10am class was intense, OHS' look so tricky!