Jan 6

The 830 Ladies!
3 Sets of Double Unders:
60 sec AMRAP
60 sec Rest
10 Min AMRAP of:
Anyway from the Ground to Overhead (135/95)


Candice said...

Ava filled me in on this today and just so everyone knows...

CrossFit FX TX is having a competition on February 6th starting at 7am. Registration fee is $75.00. I've already registered so I am def gonna need some GSX peeps out there sweating, grunting, and cheering with me so sign up asap biznatches!


Travis said...

AS usual my DU's suck ass!!
Ground to OH AMRAP=51 as Rx'd
Great to see everyone this morning

Chuck9902 said...

It's so much fun being out of shape and getting your ass handed to you each WOD! Feels good to hurt again.

Travis killed it!

Candice said...

78/69/72 = 219 DUnder's

58 C&J rx'd

Game the AMRAP...it works well.

Alexis said...

Thanks Chris for what we will call my "before" picture. Inspirational :-)

Mo said...

Lemme see if I got this straight.

Travis gets sick

I get sick

Chuck comes back and Travis gets him all to himself while I'm dying

That's low Ransom...really low

Chuck9902 said...

"Don't call it a comeback...I've been here for years" - LL Cool J

Travis just wanted to come back and show he could whip my ass even while under the weather!

Meredith said...

Candice, i will soooo try and be there to cheer you on and of course be glad it's you and not me!!!!!

Alexsis- you look great silly girl... My trick, wear solid BLACK!!!! He he he!!

MO - you flippin crack me up!!!!!!!!!

Ali said...

Mo - your posts make me laugh out loud!

Emily & Brennan - I put the flip cup table and cooler under the counter in the CF room. Thanks for letting us borrow that "party in a box" table!! Can't wait for Spring, we'll have to think up some good wagers.

raif said...

Du's 21/31/34 (I suck) but did 120 just before class. Was seriously dreading the amrap because of soreness but glad I did it. 75 reps. Really thought Cass's 65 reps were impressive. Specially working around that recently hypertrophied liver of his. Also saw Scott's 59 and man he's come a long way in the strength department.

scott said...

Cas great job on the 65 reps and Raif with the 75!

Thanks for the comment Raif. The second half of 2009 has been a big leap in both strength and ability. Really due to the excellent programming and motivation from Chris, GSX staff and of course the 11:30 cheerleaders :)

Just hoping this year I can come closer to keeping up with the big dogs (and gals) Travis, Buzzard, Raif, Candice, Kristen, Cas, Ryan etc. etc.