Jan. 8

Every Minute on the Minute for 10 Min.
3 Back Squat @ 75% 1RM


Candice said...

(Sorry to write a novel, but I am hoping that this can help those who are struggling with the HSPU, like I have been for the longest time)!

SO...I got onto the CF Journal website and saw a picture of the women's triplet that consisted of 4super deep HSPU on the parallettes with a wide hand placement. I always figured that a wider hand placement would make the ROM more difficult because of the strange angle, but I gave it shot anyway b/c of the picture and BAM!! Easier than usual, for sure!

With a hand placement slightly outside of my shoulders, I could only get 3 consecutive HSPU. When I tried the wide hand placement, I did 9! And on top of that, I did a 3RM OHS today which completely thrashed my shoulder's so I know more strength is available after I have rested.

So for anyone who is struggling, give the wide hand placement a shot. Especially if you have long arms like I do. The ROM will be shorter and hopefully, you will find the exercise much easier like I have. :) Hope this helps!

Robert said...

I can't believe I am missing all these great workouts this week, and Chuck's comeback. I am at an undisclosed location in Central Texas this week. Back next Monday or Tuesday. I did the Tuesday WOD with the Deadlifts. Got a little tight but will do some kind of workout tomorrow. Cheers.

ken c said...


you never know what the standard will be in competition for hand placement on the hspu. at the games this year the paraletts were 30" apart so it most likely would have benefitted you in the wide hand placement. at a different competition hands may be more narrow. if tucker had his way, we'd all be doing hspu with our thumbs touching probably!

all i'm saying is train most of the time with a more narrow hand placement and strict technique (but know how to go wide and learn how to kip as well).

Chuck9902 said...

good to be back it Bob...165# but probably should have done a bit more.

Travis said...

It's been a rough week for me. I came back to soon and now paying the price. My mind says workout, but my body says rest. Gonna listen to my body this time. Hopefully I will get over this crap and get back 100%. Two days of not working out seems like an eternity. See you all soon.

See ya,
Sick Boy

Mo said...

I have an undisclosed location for you...umm errr I mean..nevermind.


Congrats Candice!

So good to see Chuck today :)

Alexis said...

I was worried about you when I left yesterday... too much CF spirit can be dangerous. How is your leg?

ava said...

did this one today (Saturday).
75% of max should've been 120 but Ken was using the 2.5 lb plates so I went with 117#. Then...about round 6, Ken said I needed to go lower in my squat, so I ended up doing 3 back squats @ 117# on the minute every minute for 15 minutes. I liked this one!

Go Cowboys!!