Feb 9

"Fight Gone Bad"
3 Rounds of:
Wall Ball 10' (20#/12#)
SDHP (75#/55#)
Box Jump 20"
Push Press (75#/55#)
Row for Calories

With a continuous clock running, do as many reps as possible for one minute at each station.


Robert said...

Good Morning. FGB 274 (9 Feb 2010), up from 265 (26 Sep 09), up from 237 (5 Aug 09).

Chuck9902 said...

224...yuck. Bob blew it up!

Jenny said...

Way to go Bob and Chuck! This was my first Fight Gone Bad at a miserable 188!

Meredith said...

First Fight Gone Bad!! Great job to all at 0830!! 259, Thanks so much to Griffin for pushing me!!

raif said...

Special thanks to Ken C. for the strategy advice from months back. I should have had someone starting the rower, maybe could have squeezed out 3 or 4 more calories. Happy with my result though. 387. Great efforts from Cas, Chev, Parker, Watt, and Joe.

Oh yeah did Nate on Saturday, 14 rounds with one second to spare.

castillo74 said...

Killer scores in the 4:30 and 6pm class. Raif killed it w/387! Chev, Jered, Parker, Watt and many others all had stellar scores.

I'll take the 340 and a PR.

Standing ovation for Alexis finishing with a busted nose. (Watch out for that bar!!!)

Good job to all!

Parker said...

246 in September, 259 now. Was hoping for more but I don't think I had mentally prepared myself well. Body was absolutely shot last night. No sleep. If it touched the bed, it hurt. Must learn how to levitate while sleeping.

Cass and Raif, Thanks for scoring, starting the rower, and coaching me through. You guys F'n Rock!

Alexis said...

Alright now I'm embarrassed :-) I think on the whiteboard site in addition to a checkbox for "Rx" and "pukie" there should be a box for "bleeder" ...or is that just me? Everyone did a really great job and awesome turnout this week!

jared said...

Castillo continues to impress... 340 is huge bro!! RAIF- wtf man, you couldn't do any better than that?? you are superman!

331 and almost called some Dinosaurs... Massive amounts of Mexican food at lunch was not an ideal choice before FGB.