April 14

1 RM Thruster

5 Rounds of:
200m Run
3 Muscle ups
5 Sit ups
7 Deadlift (225/155)


chirodoctx said...

Happy Birthday, Chris L. Just two of us at 0830. Modest PR on Thrusters (probably had 10-20 lbs. more in me). WOD went pretty well. No misses on MU and completed in 11:10. Signed up for the Level 1 cert. in early June.

In Health,

Heath said...

Here we go again! I just got rid of the pain in my back from the deadlifts last week!

Candice said...

1RM Thruster *135lbs

WOD: 9:18 Rx'd...i love muscle ups now!

Stayed after to watch Chris and Raif tear up some WOD's and as always, they did!

jared said...

Pulled the Sled with Trevor last night... Dude is a beast, and i'm not athletic enough to stay on my own two feet while running pulling weight. We Did 80 yard forward and backward sprint repeaters for time. Too bad Chris, Jay, Alexis, and Dante all wussed out on running some sprints with us... YOUR SH*$ IS WEAK!

Travis said...

9:09 for the WOD

Happy B-Day Chris!

Super Trev said...

Merry CHRIStmas Lofland.

Yeah pulled that sled with good old jared yesterday. He definatley out performed me. He decided to put 4 45# plates on his last sprint, pretty beastly. I am pretty sure my legs were about to explode after the sprints.

Thanks Parker for the sleds, they will get used and work great.

raif said...

Did DT at lunch today and was stoked with my time of 6:59. Then did the wod with the 430 class. I think my time was 10:18? Near missed 255 for thruster but got 245. My pr for that is either 260 or 265 but I think DT had zapped me some.

Happy Birthday to Chris! I guess when you run the blog you don't announce your own birthday.