April 15

Skill Work:
Double Unders

For Time
500m Row
150 Double Unders
50 Burpees


Brennan said...

This one was pretty terrible after the row was done. I am horrible at du's and burpees just suck. 17:15
Tabata situps post WOD with 25# plate= ab cramps

Jenny said...

The 6:00am rocked the burpees and double unders! Ended on a sweet note of weighted sit ups. Fun times!

chirodoctx said...

DU's (as opposed to DUI's) are getting better. Was able to string together 20-30 at a time at various points. WOD time : 8:32. I hope Chris and company survived the B-day. Chris Hooker's new nickname : Mr. Furley. Thanks Trev.


Candice said...

Gosh I hate rest days! Time to beat that I know of is 7:38?? (somewhere around there) done by Chris yesterday.

Emily said...

always a good night out with the boys! surprisingly made it out of the bday celebration without a hangover!! hoping to get a new PR w DU hope to connect 22+ :)

Brennan said...

The Masters WODs for Regionals are posted. Is Ken going to do the Masters or is he going to compete in the overall? He would kill these 3 Masters' WODs.

k_cutrer said...


as far as crossfit hq is concerned, i'm still considered "young" i guess. masters is 50+. i'll be bangin with the youngsters at the regional.

ava said...

bangin...youngsters...I'm sure there's a joke in there somewhere, but i'm sure it's really crude and i'm just not that kind of girl. ;)I'll leave that up to Raif!