April 12

Squat Clean
Ring Dip


chirodoctx said...

PR'd Elizabeth today, but still a couple of ticks behind the Big Dogs. No pun intended. Time : 10:36. Day 12 of HSPU. So far, so good.


Brennan said...

This one was tougher than I thought. It might be because I treated my body like crap this weekend and because my form needs work on the squat cleans. 15:11 Rxd. Very bad showing on my part.

The class was very large this morning and it was nice to workout with so many people.

Ali said...

Candice, thx for the Jackie suggestion. Pr'd my last time by 2 min. 9:09 today, pullups didn't kill me as much as last time. Took the row easy due to back, so pretty happy. Then decided to do 4rds of 400m run, 25 burpees. That got me some serious belly sweat. Trying to make up for a lot of poor eating last weekend...

Candice said...

Filmed the 11:30 class today...I am going to apologize now for the lack of great filming, but hopefully it will be posted soon. You all did awesome!

Did Queen Kong...again and Chris filmed it for me...again. :)
3 Rounds of:
1 DL (300#)
2 Muscle Ups
3 Squat Cleans (155#)

*4:24 (4 seconds faster than last time and I did it last time with 135# squat cleans instead of 155#) Still not Rx'd and prolly never will be (Tamara Holmes did it with 325# and 185#)! Fun one tho!

Emily said...

did todays wod at 95#!! was the first time to do a wod at 95! still working the band on the ring dips but am close to getting rid of it - thanks candice and raif for the cheering it helped get me through those last 9 - did it in 15:31 was slow but at least i finished!!

Candice said...

Your welcome, Ali...Emily, you did awesome today! You moved that weight weight ease!

Went back and did "Elizabeth" in 8:22 Rx'd. Big improvement from when I first did this one...17:10 I think it was???

Jessica said...

The 11:30 class was awesome! I've missed working out with that group! Thanks for all the cheering guys....I was really hurting on that one. Did 75# and used the band...thanks especially to Kristen who got in my face and pushed me on that last round! Emily-nice job doing the wod rx'd!!!

raif said...

Yep, Emily's workout was the epic one of the group. She actually failed at least three times on the cleans ending up on her butt then getting up and completing the next lift. Happy to beat Candice but I hadn't done King Kong (or even Queen Kong) earlier. Did do a few sets of presses before the wod and ended up getting 3x195 and 1x210 which ties my pr I think and I have not done presses in months.

7:38 on the wod and for posterity and my memory 4:38 on saturdays football Grace.

jared said...

9:06 but not pleased with the effort. Heath on the other hand was flexin mad testosterone tonight. Way to come out bangin'!

Parker said...

One word describes this workout - "Elizabitch"

Emily said...

So def have a few new bruises this morn! My tailbone is brusised due to falling at the bottom of some squats - also a nice bruise to my left clavical, I'm
sure people at work will give me a hard time...looks very similar to a hicky lol!