How well rounded are you?

Complete as many of these skills as possible:
Unbroken Pull ups (30/20)
10 OHS (135/95)
Pistols (10/6)
40 Box Jumps in 1min. (20")
HSPU (2 Paralettes / 4 Strict)
500m Row (sub 1:35/150)
L-sit Hold (25sec/15sec)
Squat Clean and Jerk (225/135)
Legless Rope Climb
800m Track Run (sub 2:30/2:50)


Brennan said...

Is this for us to do on our own or is this the Rxd WOD for tomorrow?

k_cutrer said...

it is the rx'd class indeed.

chirodoctx said...

Completed 7 out of the 10 skills today. Close, but no cigar on two. 23 seconds on the L-sit. Cleaned 225, but didn't jerk it. Not even close on the 800 (2:50). Congrats to Candice who achieved all of the benchmarks. She would have given the men's standards a good run for the money.


CrossFit GSX said...

8 out of 10...though I had nice judges on my Pistols. Missed the row at 1:37. Missed the run by alot!


david.griffin said...

Candice on the main page video! Check it out.

Jessica said...

Gosh, one of these days I'll get to watch the 10am class, and come to the 9am class agian...Saturdays have been so busy lately. You guys are awesome though! Reading your entries always motivates me!

Jessica said...

Just watched the video of you Candice....dang. Awesome!