April 16

2 Squat Snatches on the minute for 8 minutes
Use 80% of your 1RM


Brennan said...

First time to snatch. PR 165# but need to work on OHS. WOD was at 135#. Probably should have went heavier.

Chuck9902 said...

I used 135# for the WOD (1 RM max 165#) but maybe should have gone heavier. It may have felt easier due to several reps with poor form. It's hard to get a good snatch.

chirodoctx said...

WOD completed. Congrats Brennan. That's a nice lift, especially for the first attempt at a technically challenging movement. Kinda' lonely @ 0830. Where was everybody?


castillo74 said...

Did this one in the garage gym today.
135# for 12 min instead of 8..took a while to get good form on these and felt good on 8 so did another 4 mins but somehow managed to get a tear on my palm from the snatches( insert joke)

Candice said...

This WOD was a kick in the vag! And def a wake up call. Struggled with 95lbs. Pr* 1RM squat snatch @ 120#

Did yesterdays W0D 20min after (not smart) 8:08 rx'd

jared said...

did the WOD at 145, but pretty much did about twice as many as i should have since i missed so many due to my lack of snatch skills.

this thing was a real kick in the vag.