Friday Jan 09

The pushing progression:

Push Press
Push Jerk

Come move some big weight overhead, yo.


CrossFit GSX said...

Nice work by the 0600 crew. Some strong lifts in there.

Mo said...

I really need practice on push jerks. You'd think after all the bad dates...nyuk nyuk nyuk

Curious/Nosey CrossFit Peep Survey:

How many days a wk do you do CrossFit? What days?

You do any other workouts outside of CrossFit?

How long ya been going to GSX?

Whatcha eatin'?

Umm tell me something I don't know about you...

Bonus question: Will Rhonda be even hotter upon her return?

Have a great weekend!

jason buzzard said...

Strength WOD's with Newly=really damn hard!!! For that matter, any WOD with the 0600 crew is damn hard!

Push press:135,157,185(failed)
Push jerk:185(?-dont remember but failed) did not complete all of the push jerks due to time running out. Work sucks!!! Why cant I get paid to just Crossfit all the time??!!

I was pretty disappointed with today, not with the weight that I missed but I just felt like I could have done better. I should be able to push jerk that weight and it jsut didnt happen today. Next time....

scott said...

These strength wods are great. Thanks for the help today Josh.

117, 127, 135

Push Press
145, 155, 175

Push Jerk
175, 175, 185, 195, 205 (although it did take 4 attempts to get the 205 up)

Looking forward to seeing big numbers from the pm gang. Try not to make us am'rs look too weak :)

Chuck9902 said...

Nice workout this morning, love throwing weight around!

Press - last set at 135#
Push Press - last set at 155#
Push jerk - last set at 185# (tried 205 but was SPENT)

Uhm...just who you asking MO?

jason buzzard said...

Nice survey questions...

1.5-6 (Mon-Fri and sometimes Sat)
2.Sometimes a 5K and if it is soccer season I am paying that on Sundays (crossfit has made a huge difference)
3.Been at GSX since early Oct. Best thing to happen to me since discovering Crossfit!
4.I eat fairly clean about 90% of the time. Dont zone though I wouldnt mind learning how. Love me some cheeseburgers and Mexican food though!!
5.I dont know what you dont know...ask the question and you will get the answer.
Bonus-I can neither confirm nor deny, it is on a need to know basis.

Funny how you didnt answer those questions yourself Mo....

Scott you animal!!! Awesome job!!!

Mo said...

I'm asking everybody!! But if you need to feel special I REALLY want to know YOUR answers!! :)

Anonymous said...

I don't remember the weights, but I LOVE weight days. I know I failed at the highest weight attempted. I really like it when the weights hit the ground!

Mo said...

Good point J!

3 - M/W/F

I mtn bike some, roadbike (a lot lately but am new to it), 5k's, 10k's, half marys, some adventure racing, I am still a member at my previous gym because I still take a boot campish aerobics class on M/W afternoons most of the time (and also sometimes use it as a lunctime getaway fm wk), I play softball poorly on a coed team - well I pretty much do everything poorly but I finish dammit.

Started GSX/CrossFit at the end of July

I've been eating lean for years but am trying the Zone now. It's simple - just get the book and dive in. Figuring it out is easy- doing it, well I can't say totally easy but my appetite will adjust.

Some of you don't know I am an animal freak. I volunteer for shelters as a foster parent for doggies. I am "that" person in the neighborhood/family/friend circle that will tell someone straight up to take better care of their dog or give it up to someone that cares. And preach to peeps to spay/neuter.

Rhonda can't get any hotter.

Thanks for playing!

scott said...

Thanks Jason. Good wod today. I seem to do better at the strength wods and really need work on the cardio/endurance wods.

Good questions Mo.

GSX 4 days a week. Either 2 on 1 off or 3 on 1 off.

Occasional run...more often in the cooler months.

Started Feb. 08.

Started eating leaner a couple months ago. Lean meats, nuts, vegetables, lots of avacados, some fruit, and just got a juicer to help with some extra fruit intake (sugar fix).

Chuck9902 said...

GSX M/W/F, Crossfit workout at local Y 2-3 other days a week

LOTS of adventure races from 3 hours to 3 days long-love it (actually we're looking to replace our female team member who has been deployed to Iraq, Mo?), softball, volleyball and anything else I have time for

Been at GSX since June

Eat 6 times a day, 80% organic, low fat, lots of fruits, veggies and protein

The legend of Bigfoot fascinates me

Rhonda gets hotter every time I see her!

Mo said...


Legend of Big Foot huh? Ok that one made me giggle and want to get an ape suit and make some early morning GSX appearances in the dark pking lot.

Didn't you read I do everything POORLY!!!??? Including adventure races! I'd do one with you tho and then your group could laugh and rid of me. I've only done the Terra Firma ones that were 2-3 hour. Did you do any of that series?

ava said...

To answer the questions:

1.usually do crossfit T,W,Th,Sa,S. off M,F--depending on other things in schedule.

2. I don't do much athletically outside of crossfit. Have never been involved in team sports or running/biking, etc.

3. Joined GSX first week they were open for crossfit. 1/08.

4.I try to eat fairly healthy, low carb, higher protein and good fats, but I don't strictly zone. However, dark chocolate remains a dietary staple for me.

5.I got to appear on that TV show "Rescue 911" many years ago. I even had a speaking role.

6.Rhonda is always hot!

Anonymous said...

Answering Mo's questions:

1.I started CFit in March after Andy & Angie told me about it. I got 3 times a's the BEST workout I've ever done...LOVE IT!

2. I play tennis (not well) outside of CFit...sometimes walk hills too.

3. already answered above

4. I do NOT eat right...too much, wrong stuff goal for 2009 is to change that!

5. My secret wish is to live in Montana and be a real cowgirl!!

6. you all need glasses on this one & do not see the same thing I see in the mirror!

I sure do miss my 6:00 & 8:30 bunch! Feeling better every day!


Chuck9902 said...

The Terra Firma sprint series is fun. They also put on some MTB races and 8-12 hour adventure races. You should think about trying something longer. Email me at

Either A LOT of people are crazy or there is an undiscovered primate out there! Fascinating! LOL